Sellwood Real Estate Trends – Q3 2010

Real Estate market trends for the Sellwood / Moreland neighborhood for this quarter. Updated 12-22-2010 3:04 pm

Closed home sales in Sellwood / Moreland averaged 9 for the quarter as compared with 15 for 2009. The Absorption rate was 8.7% vs. 11.1% with a median price difference of $338,000 vs. $317,000.

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[graph chartname="closedsales" points="(('2005',23),('2006',28),('2007',21),('2008',15),('2009',15),('2010',9),)" title="Average Closed Sales" yformat=""]

[graph chartname="supplydemand" points="(('2005',30.5),('2006',27),('2007',21.4),('2008',11.1),('2009',11.1),('2010',8.7),)" title="Market turnover (Absorption Rate %)" yformat=""]

[graph chartname="medianprice" points="(('2005',309000),('2006',327000),('2007',359000),('2008',378000),('2009',317000),('2010',338000),)" title="Median Price" yformat="$%.0f" ]

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