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Portland, considered one of the world’s most progressive cities in the area of urban planning and design, is a hot bed for infill housing.

Infill, in the most basic sense, is the act of re-purposing existing buildings for new uses, building on empty lots within the city, or building additional structures around existing buildings.  Infill projects help to curtail urban sprawl, increase density and spice up the architectural landscape.  The trend of people moving back to cities is in full swing, exemplified by the fact that over 80% of Americans now live in metropolitan areas.  Infill projects offer buyers a chance to purchase a new home without sacrificing the amenities and walkability that come with living “close in”.

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More Info on Infill

The city of Portland actively encourages and supports infill projects around town. The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability have a good website outlining their goals to regulate and ensure well designed infill homes.

If you want to take the building process into your own hands after you find a great city lot check out Prefabcosm’s site on modular and prefab homes, it is an awesome place to learn about prefab/modular and see some really cool home plans.

ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), commonly known as backyard cottages or in-law suites. complement the infill process.  For homeowner’s ADUs are a great way to create a rental income revenue stream without buying a new property.  The city loves ADU projects because they promote infill and density.  Many of the usual fees related to building an ADU have been suspending by the city in an effort to promote infill projects.  Allan over at PDX Outpost is a great resource if you have any questions about ADU code or would like to have a consultation about building your own.


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5421 NE 25TH AVE
Beds:2 Baths:2.0
SqFt:1876 YrBlt:1910
4518 NE 24TH AVE
Beds:3 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2026 YrBlt:1924
5030 NE 28TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2691 YrBlt:1911
4643 NE 32ND AVE
Beds:1 Baths:1.0
SqFt:1352 YrBlt:1922
4812 NE 13TH AVE
Beds:2 Baths:1.0
SqFt:2132 YrBlt:1926
4832 NE 7TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2208 YrBlt:1909
4506 NE 32ND PL
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2572 YrBlt:1908