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Portland Real Estate Market Update

Common questions asked everyday in the world of real estate: How’s the market doing?  Have we hit the bottom?  Is my house gaining value? Our answers lately: Great! Yes and Yes! From December 2011 to December 2012 Case Shiller Index reported a … Read More

Rent or Buy?

When considering whether to rent or buy a new home there are many factors in play.  It is important to consider local trends in the market, overarching economic conditions and the amount of time you plan on living in the … Read More

Inner SE-NE Market Trends Q1 – 2012

Good first quarter! Demand is there and inventory is very very low which is causing a frenzy around new well priced listings. While this can be a little frustrating for buyers it creates an environment that drives appreciation. I feel … Read More

Was 2011 the “Bottom” for Portland Real Estate?

It looks like we’ve hit bottom on pricing. The supply is lower than its been since 2006 and demand is holding steady. Sellers have an opportunity to sell into an environment with pent up demand and very little competition. This combination is stabilizing prices … Read More