Behind the Scenes: 12050 NE Kuehne

For every home we list, there are certain challenges and opportunities that come along with the marketing process. Ultimately, figuring out the best way to truly represent the property and tell its story is what we love to do.


Visit the 12050 NE Keuhne website to experience this property.
See the completed marketing book – “Super Flyer”

We wanted to show the sheer magnitude of this home located in the heart of Oregon wine country. The dramatic drive as you enter the property when the view of the house comes into focus was a feeling we made sure to fully capture with video and photos. Our media team used our RC aerial video platform to shoot footage from high above through the trees to show how the home fits in with the estate. While the helicopter provides us with quality aerial shots of a property, it can also capture the full view of a home from an angle only a small RC helicopter can get to. Here it gave us a comprehensive view of the log home with the surrounding manicured grounds and lush forest.

Another element we wanted to make sure we conveyed was the story behind the wood construction of this home. Every log, some as long as 60 feet, was buffed and polished to reflect the light pouring in from the windows—keeping the rooms bright. Below, our media team photographer Joe Bourguignon captured a smooth vertical video of the log construction with the slider bar.

The logs were all constructed, designed, and assembled at Cascade Log Homes to ensure quality and accuracy before being disassembled and taken to the property for the final assembly. We photographed detail shots to focus on the impeccable details in the wood construction of the home.

There were so many amazing aspects of this property we wanted to capture. The half-acre pond provides endless opportunities for fishing, camping with family and friends, or sipping a glass of wine on the dock. Below, our photographer Joe focused on finding the perfect angle among the greenery surrounding the pond.

Not only did we capture the pure serenity of this hideaway on the property, we gave potential buyers the opportunity to envision how they could use and experience the space. The clear water of the pond reflects the blue sky and treetops above the tranquil dock, which is ideal for casual fishing or having a picnic with family.

Everything we do is geared toward finding potential buyers who will fall in love with the home and appreciate what it has to offer. The final product is a suite of exceptional marketing materials created by the media team to tell the story of the property. This estate offered so many opportunities for us to truly discover the story of the home. Check out our final marketing materials below to see how we presented the story behind this amazing log home in the center of Oregon wine country.

Completed Marketing Materials

After we completed the photo and video shoots, our production team built a full suite of marketing materials both online and in print. A comprehensive website was created with photo galleries and videos that truly convey the presence of this extraordinary estate. Go to the 12050 NE Keuhne website to experience this property.

Our print materials include a listing flyer, open house invites, and a full Super Flyer booklet filled with photos and descriptions of the property. These books are produced and bound in-house to ensure quality and are highly effective marketing tools for agents and buyers that tour the home. The Super Flyer offers a more tactile experience and works together with the website for a consistent design throughout the suite of materials.

View the 12050 Kuehne Super Flyer here.

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